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Season Kickoff

This answers the “why?” question. Or it should.

The snows came just in time, allowing us to finally exhale, albeit tortuously in the eleventh hour. We were counting on it, we needed it, as did our guests from North Carolina. They were visiting the area and wanted to partake in a couple backcountry adventures with us. Specifically they wanted to try some Nordic (cross country) skiing and to test themselves a bit snowshoeing up a mountain. The amount of snow received could be quantified as “enough” — thank goodness — so they came, they saw, and they conquered.

This family of four joined Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak on day one for a half-day ski tour off of the Kancamaugus Highway. And on day two, Redline Guide Mike Cherim led three of them up Mt Willard in Crawford Notch where the family could not only get to try out proper mountaineering snowshoes in the new snow and exert themselves, they were able to cash in at the top taking their visual reward.

Both guides took some photos, as follows:

A family that skis together!

Fresh pow.

What a happy looking family. They got a little sweaty climbing up, but the rewards made it so worthwhile and enjoyable.

Team Redline!

Thank you for adventuring with Redline Guiding!

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