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Monthly Archives: November 2021

Gift Idea for Hikers

Imagine a gift so incredible that it could save the recipient’s life or that of another. Imagine a gift so incredible that it is remembered as a high point for the rest of the recipient’s life. Imagine a gift so incredible that it will actually prolong the recipient’s life. Imagine a gift so incredible that improves the recipient’s mental and physical well-being. And, imagine a gift […]

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One Day Presi

Doing a Presi traverse is always a challenge. Choosing to do so in mid November always ups the ante. With reducing daylight and changing weather, ‘threading the needle’ is part of the plan. —Redline Guide Will Murphy Down in the Mt Washington Valley fall is faltering on most days right now as winter is trying to push it aside. But fall in the Valley puts up […]

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Exploring the B-18 Crash Site

On January 14th, 1942, a crew of seven were returning from a WWII coastal patrol aboard their B-18 Bomber. They encountered bad weather, became disoriented in a blizzard, and found themselves besieged by wind and ice as they lost elevation. The plane crashed into the flanks of Mt Waternomee in Woodstock, NH that night. Of the seven Army-Airmen on board (this was pre-Air Force), miraculously five […]

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Mt Tripyramid Loop

Although this is subjective, one of the sketchiest slides in the White Mountain National Forest is the so-called “North Slide” on North Mt Tripyramid. The bottom quarter, specifically, can be very slippery and sliding from position there could be painful… at best. Unlike many of the slides people will explore, this one is the actual hiking trail. Despite this, though, some hikers are pretty wary of […]

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Taking on the Twins

Winter is coming, ice is on many of the higher elevation trails and it’s creeping its way downward. It’s not full-on winter, not in nature just as it’s not on the calendar, but it’s closing in. Fast. Now there are frosty mornings, clearing opaque windshields, turning on the heat or firing up the wood stove, and all the rituals of the impending season. Many are hanging […]

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Five Peaks, Three Days

A returning guest came to us hoping to grab a few more of our 4000-footers as he works on this list. Up for grabs on this three day trip were North and Middle Tripyramid (4180′ and 4140′, respectively), Mt Moosilauke (4802′), and both North and South Kinsman (4293′ and 4358′, also respectively). On lead for this trip was Redline Guide Mike Maciel. Mike provided a number […]

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