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Taking on the Twins

Winter is coming, ice is on many of the higher elevation trails and it’s creeping its way downward. It’s not full-on winter, not in nature just as it’s not on the calendar, but it’s closing in. Fast. Now there are frosty mornings, clearing opaque windshields, turning on the heat or firing up the wood stove, and all the rituals of the impending season. Many are hanging up their hiking boots while seriously wondering why the hell humans have to stay awake all winter. Some would prefer to den with the black bears, only venturing out on those really nice days. Others, though, charge right on through. They are the ones who are able to willingly and joyfully leave a warm bed in the morning to go hiking, climbing, or skiing. The ones who realize one great way to enjoy and live with winter is to simply embrace it, and to never stop moving.

Some of our guests have taken this time to throw in the towel on their quests, saving their list-balances for next year. Not all, though, as noted. One of our guests just took on (and beat) South and North Twin Mountain (4902′ and 4761′, respectively). This was their 42nd and 43rd peaks on the 48 4k list. On the lead for this trip was newer Redline Guide Tim Jones. Tim provided a few photos (most of the content is from our guest), and he did add this written summary:

Our guest and I had a great day on the Twins. We spotted a car at North Twin Trailhead, then drove to Gale River Trailhead and started out with headlamps at 6:30 am. It was chilly (in the low 20s), but the trail was dry and only lightly snow covered until just below the Galehead Hut. We made good time to the hut, stopped on the porch for a snack. Based on what we’d seen just below the hut, we decided to put on microspikes. Good decision, we kept them on until we crossed the brook on the descent of North Twin.
The weather was perfect, cool, clear, bright blue skies. We took photos on top of South Twin, stopped for a snack on North Twin and made it back to the car with plenty of daylight to spare.

We complied the available media into this short movie.

Great job one and all, and to our guest, thank you for continuing your adventure with Redline Guiding!

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