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One Day Presi

Doing a Presi traverse is always a challenge. Choosing to do so in mid November always ups the ante. With reducing daylight and changing weather, ‘threading the needle’ is part of the plan. —Redline Guide Will Murphy

Down in the Mt Washington Valley fall is faltering on most days right now as winter is trying to push it aside. But fall in the Valley puts up a valiant fight. Like a frying pan, the sun’s collected in the landscape, we’re protected from winds, and it warms us. In the mountains, however, fall gets pummeled as winter’s onslaught is much more relentless. Demanding. Clenching its fists. Our frosty mornings are fierce subzero events at the higher elevations. We might have some ice forming here and there on those chilly mornings while at Starr Lake and Lakes of the Clouds inches of supporting white ice now seal the ever-flowing waters underneath.

Our guest wanted to be in this realm. Even though it’s not winter, they still wanted this experience, to hike on these battered mountains in winter-like conditions. In one day! Redline Guide Will Murphy‘s recording device showed just under 18 miles on this Classic Presidential Traverse with about 7500′ of gain. We don’t know how accurate the numbers actually are, but as an estimate it is certainly in the ballpark. The day: well, it’s a big one, to be sure.

Will took a number of photos and shot some video, with which we made this short movie. Enjoy!

Well done, Team. Congratulations on the feat! And thank you for adventuring with Redline Guiding.

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