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Mt Tripyramid Loop

Although this is subjective, one of the sketchiest slides in the White Mountain National Forest is the so-called “North Slide” on North Mt Tripyramid. The bottom quarter, specifically, can be very slippery and sliding from position there could be painful… at best. Unlike many of the slides people will explore, this one is the actual hiking trail. Despite this, though, some hikers are pretty wary of it, and for good reason. The trail, in fact, is on a list of the Terrifying 25 and thus commands some respect.

The purpose of this trip, led by Redline Guide Will Murphy, was to take on this slide, a second slide off the South Mountain — also on that list, though not nearly as “terrifying” — and to claim two of the peaks (#36 and #37). Needed for our returning guest’s list of 48 mountains was the North Summit at 4180′ and the Middle Summit at 4140′. The south summit, though pretty, lacks prominence so therefore doesn’t count.

Will summarized the trip, as follows:

A perfect November day with the right amount of chill and sunshine was in store for our returning guest and I on the Mt Tripyramid loop. Besides the air being chill, our guest is super chill, having worked together a number of times this year. The loop has a mix of easy trails and 2 tough slides, one going up the North Tri and the other heading down South Tri. The North slide is the tougher of the 2 but our guest worked through the challenges and made smooth work of it all. Accomplishing this got 36 and 37 of the 4000 footers and 2 of the T25, so a great day and beautiful conditions! —Will

He also took some photos and a short clip which we compiled into this. Enjoy.

Great job one and all. Cool way to tick of four boxes! Thanks for adventuring with Redline Guiding.

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