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Gift Idea for Hikers



Imagine a gift so incredible that it could save the recipient’s life or that of another. Imagine a gift so incredible that it is remembered as a high point for the rest of the recipient’s life. Imagine a gift so incredible that it will actually prolong the recipient’s life. Imagine a gift so incredible that improves the recipient’s mental and physical well-being. And, imagine a gift so incredible that it may prove transformative to the recipient/s.

This must be quite the gift, right? A fantasy gift?! Surely there isn’t much out there to compare it with. So what is this magical, incredible gift? If you’re thinking it’s one of our Redline Guiding Gift Certificates, you’ve hit the nail on the head. A Redline Guiding Gift Certificate may be used toward any of the following activities, listed below:

* Sorry. Gift Certificates may NOT be applied to Wilderness First Aid (WFA) classes.

Sweetening the Deal with 10% Off

But wait, there’s more. For a limited time — specifically from now until midnight EST Sunday, November 28th, 2021 — we’ll Take 10% Off of the certificate’s face value-based price. Bearing in mind, of course, to those who like to plan ahead, you may purchase a certificate for yourself to use later in the season. Smart. Certificates are valid for one year from the issue date so this is a good way to save some money. Sorry, this offer is for new orders only and cannot be applied to existing purchases or combined with other offers.

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