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Monthly Archives: August 2021

Just as Strong, Just as Long

The title “Just as Strong, Just as Long” is a quote offered by the groom’s mother based on the significant longevity of her and her husband’s — and father of the groom — marriage. We certainly hope it holds true and we wish them the best of success in their future together as husband and wife. The couple, William and Courtney, were married at Fall’s Pond […]

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Carrigain for Number 37

One of our longtime returning guests, another peakbagger working on her New Hampshire 4000-footers, hiked up and back and got the 4700′ Mt Carrigain crossed off the list for number 37/48. On lead for the trip was new Redline Guide Michael Scire (yep, another Mike). This was Mike’s second trip with us having led an Owl’s Head hike just this past weekend. We didn’t write a […]

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Alpine Garden Nature Tour

A vacationing family looking for something interesting to do decided upon one of our Guided Nature Tours. Specifically it was decided the Alpine Garden tour on Mt Washington would be a fun option, but the chosen day, Monday, was so rainy thanks to the storm named Henri, the tour would have been un-fun and even dangerous. Sure, we could have changed the objective to Lonesome Lake […]

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Yoga in the Rain

This is not one of our official Adventure or Other Services offerings, but it may be in the very near future as Redline Guiding teams up with a dedicated Mt Washington Valley Yogi, Christie Ann Rochette. In the meantime, enjoy this video about this latest hike yoga/meditation event. The group was led and videographed by Redline Guide Mike Cherim. Great job, Christie and crew… Thanks for […]

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Two Classic NH Hikes

Our guest was fit, able, and ready for it. And his guide, Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak was likewise up for it. By “it” we mean two days of hiking, and by “hiking” we mean slaying four of our “4000-footers” while taking on two classic New Hampshire alpine loops, namely Mts Monroe and Washington on day one followed by the northern end of the Franconia Ridge grabbing […]

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Why “Private” Rules the Day

When we opened our doors here at Redline Guiding we honestly figured we’d be like everyone else in this industry in that we’d try to pack as many people into our groups as humanly possible so as to maximize profits. But that, as it turns out, really isn’t who we are, nor is it how we operate on the day-to-day. We lead private tours, like 99% […]

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A Grandfather’s Dream

There were concerns. Redline Guide Mike Maciel would be leading four people, two of them underage — and that can prove challenging on its own — and the forecast was calling for Hades-like temps with the heat and humidity pushing the feel to over 100°F. The concerns started to literally melt away a bit, however, as the morning continued. The team was well prepared, Mike had […]

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Poking Around the Northerns

A plan was made, they had some ideas, a potential backpacking agenda was formulated, but as the trip progressed, they opted for a change. They established a base camp at the Valley Way Tentsite and ended up poking around the Northerns, summiting the 5799-foot Mt Adams in the process, while also visiting such landmarks as Star Lake, the quartz nearby, the AMC’s Madison Spring Hut, Thunderstorm […]

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Three Hiking Adventures

A guest from a little further south in the Northeast requested a few trips with us. First up was Redline Guide Deb Dunn. Deb led her on a hike up Mt Eisenhower (a 4000-footer) via Edmand’s Path. Next up was Redline Guide Mike Cherim who took her on a more relaxed half day, allowing a change of pace and some commune time in nature as he […]

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Unforgettable Wedding

Elephants never forget, or so we’ve heard. Or at least that’s what we think we’ve heard, anyway. We don’t really remember. After all, we’re not elephants! And neither is “Elephant Head,” actually. This massive arete or buttress of rock stands its sentinel’s watch looming over the east wall of the entrance or “Gateway” to Crawford Notch and the State Park bearing the same name therein. This […]

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2 Hikes, 1 Class, and Portering

Rumor has it Owl’s Head wasn’t a hit — a one and done […] Staying busy is a good thing. We have a lot of a good thing here at Redline Guiding. And that is awesome. Inasmuch, however, writing it all up and/or making videos is wicked time-consuming. So, one way to catch up, we figure, is to do a little consolidation. Thus, this blog post […]

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Pinkham Notch (Not Extreme)

Mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, even hiking in the White Mountain National Forest. These are all demanding activities — typically. Even the hiking category because of where it takes place. Sometimes these activities are even pretty extreme! But not always. Sometimes guests just want a nice day out. A mostly relaxing stroll without too much heavy lifting. To see the sights, but with some lesser-seen sights […]

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