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Pinkham Notch (Not Extreme)

Mike lends a helping hand to our guest. Photo courtesy of guest.

Mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, even hiking in the White Mountain National Forest. These are all demanding activities — typically. Even the hiking category because of where it takes place. Sometimes these activities are even pretty extreme! But not always. Sometimes guests just want a nice day out. A mostly relaxing stroll without too much heavy lifting. To see the sights, but with some lesser-seen sights thrown in the mix. To learn about the flora and fauna, and more. To deliver water when it is running and when it is most appreciated. While at various points in this movie, Redline Guide Mike Cherim jokes about the extremity of the task at hand — the harrowing adventures into the depths of Pinkham Notch — it is all in fun. The guests, a mother-daughter from Illinois, had a fabulous sense of humor and really seemed to relish the day. The day was fun and interesting, but not extreme.

What was extreme was how Mike was able to make a 22 minute video out of a half day outing. Our guest sure enjoyed it.

Mike, we loved it (referring to the video, posted below)! My mom appreciated the incorporation of all of the moving water and it made it very realistic and memorable. It was unique to have videos of us taking pictures and selfies as we can’t get that on our own. We both laughed out loud when we noticed the sound effects for the hand placement on the rail — lol! ‘Very musical,’ my mom says. It was nice to hear all of your humor once again and you are quite talented with your visual effects as well — really cool when you blur it/pixel it and things like that. Well done! We are very appreciative. 🙂 —SS, Oak Park, IL

Here, check it out for yourself — if you have that much time.

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