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Guide Spotlight: Ryan McGuire

Busy guiding on Mt Baker (and other mountains in that region like Rainier) this summer Redline Guide Ryan McGuire is pretty busy. But we were able to catch up to him and asked the same questions we asked Arlette last month. Here’s what Ryan had to say:

What do you like most about the mountains?

I love the alpine environment. Getting above the trees where you are fully exposed to the harshness of the weather. Especially during the winter months Mt Washington and the Presidential Range is my favorite area to go personally and to guide. It not only shows us how small we are but how unforgiving and how Mother Nature doesn’t discriminate.


Ryan in his happy place on Mt Washington. »

Why do you like to guide and teach?

My favorite to guide is Mt Washington in the winter by more technical routes such as the Lion Head winter route or approaches in Huntington Ravine. I love to teach Ice Climbing as well as Mountaineering Skills and Crevasse Rescue (all offered). As a guide who teaches that stuff all summer long in Washington on Mt Baker and other peaks in the North Cascades it allows me to share my passion for teaching people to move safely and efficiently in the mountains.


Describe your perfect day.

My perfect day in the mountains is an alpine start where we are able to push through tough but manageable conditions. For myself as a guide it is the most rewarding to see my guests push through the tough times and be rewarded for it. The 3 things that are most important to me whether guiding or out with my peers are 1) to get home safely 2) to come home friends and 3) to get to the summit.


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