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Escape to Sawyer Pond

Some folks live busy, super productive lives. Professionals. Many dwell in urban areas, staying close to the action, enjoying its riches like the neighborhood coffee shop, or the small butcher or purveyor of fruits and vegetables found in the little market located at the end of the block. The ceaseless hum and buzz of cities invades every part of their beings, to the point that it becomes an endless white noise they no longer register. For the people this describes, removing them from that environment is almost shocking. Any endless hums or buzzes we hear up here in the mountains are usually the result of the wind rushing through the trees or scouring a ridge line, or it’s a soothing babble of a small brook, the commanding roar of a river, or the noise of millions of insects, frogs, and other creatures vying for a successful existence. Sometimes the only sounds may be one’s own respiration or heartbeat. Sometimes, in the mountains, none of these sounds will be heard. A relaxed person on a calm day in the winter, for example, may be at that point so immersed in such profound quiet it’s surreal.

For mountain guides, like Redline Guide Mike Cherim, introducing people to such quiet, such amazement, is fun and rewarding. To see a person settle comfortably into a deep appreciation for their surroundings defines job satisfaction. To hear people state emphatically how incredible and beautiful it all is is so rewarding. People come to us, wanting to enjoy these experiences. And we are, in turn, more than happy to provide.

This half day hike to Sawyer Pond was for such a guest: a busy, urban professional hoping to explore a new realm. We took some photos and some video footage and put it together in this short take meant to be a keepsake to your guest, as well as being a introductory teaser to our yet-to-be guests. Can you see yourself here, enjoying the quiet, savoring the pace, and being startled by the amazement of it all? We can.

Thank you for adventuring with Redline Guiding.

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