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Tougher at Ten

Not a moose, not a mouse.

Fathers and mothers take note: spending time hiking with your son or daughter is a safe, effective, fun, and totally healthy and rewarding way to tighten that bond. We are seeing a lot of it this year, that’s for sure. People are looking for a fairly low risk activity — meaning a low chance of contracting Covid-19 as much so as preserving life and limb — and hiking fits. And we’re happy to offer it because we can feel good about getting out there without putting anyone in jeopardy during these challenging times.

This trip, like the recent backpacking trip, was for a father and son team. Though the son on this particular team was much younger at only ten years old. On lead was Redline Guide Ken Hodges, and the objective for the day was Mt Washington. Now originally the “Rock Pile” was just an option, a plan B, as Ken had decided on ascending Boott Spur, but the duo really yearned for the summit of the Northeast so they ended up going up via the Lion Head Trail to maximize their chances.

As it turns out, they probably wouldn’t have had a problem regardless of the route. The kid, though just ten, was as tough as nails. The team faired really well and they got their summit. Ken was pretty stoked exclaiming that this was his youngest guest so far. He shared these photos of their day. Looks like it was gorgeous up there.

Stoked and ready.

Obligatory stop at Crystal Cascade.

Really gaining now that they are on the Lion Head Trail.

Feet over the ravine.

The way of the talus men.

Hopefully this brief and breezy summit photo was safe. Oh the things we worry about nowadays.

The team descending, here on Lion Head Trail nearing the Tuckerman Ravine junction. (Great job with those poles.)

Great lead, Ken. Well done team, you guys did it! Thanks for choosing Redline Guiding.

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