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Testing a Course

We realize that while most of our adventures and weddings are going to offer up the a pretty specific set of challenges to us as it relates to COVID19, our educational offerings, being even more diverse, will probably be our most challenging aspect yet. Granted, we have it so easy compared to some businesses, but we also take the safety of us and our guests very, very seriously so we want to be sure we don’t shortcut anything. As such we may not be getting into regular group classes (now limited to 3-4 when they do begin) until fall or winter. Until then, we will teach some private one-on-one stuff as we continue to learn how to safely overcome the obstacles. And of course one way to learn is to get out there and find out what works. In this case we tried out a half day in-person Camp Craft course to learn what difficulties would be specific to it. A few of our classes can be taught virtually, and this is one of them, but people strongly prefer the in-person experience so we cannot abandon that style in favor of virtual. Maybe someday it’ll be necessary or even preferred. Not yet, though.

Aside from the sharing of props and materials, and a brief indoor section, we felt as if things were pretty controlled, safe for everyone involved. Nothing some hand sanitizer and a little itchy nose willpower couldn’t solve. Check out the photos:

The class was 1:1 and we maintained significant distancing so the mask was retired after the photo.

Bear bag 101.

The bears are going to be bummed.

Site selected.

Putting up her tent.

Tah-dah! We ask for a “Vanna White” and get it.

Ready… Aim…

Fire! (Ignore the shoes.)

Great job! Thanks for testing the waters with us! And for choosing Redline Guiding.

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