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Black Bear Wedding

Alecia and Ken, married June 27th, 2020.

Mike walked through the venue’s front door, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, face mask on, along with his trademark Buff, and approached the front counter. The receptionist eyed him suspiciously. “May I help you?” he asked. Mike replied he was here for the wedding, serving as Justice of the Peace. They requested he sign in, complete with a COVID19 questionnaire, and he did, but only after he went back out to his Jeep to change. Mike came back to the counter, now looking a lot more like a wedding officiant. He passed their tests and was able to proceed upstairs then back outside to the deck location for the nuptials. There he waited. As usual, the JP arrived early. They can’t start without him, but being late is inexcusable. He waited.

Within a half hour the small wedding party made their way up to the deck. One elderly woman came up to Mike closing the six foot rule, but he reminded her so she distance-whispered a special request: she wanted him to call them “lovebirds” when asking the couple to join hands. He did, and the family loved it. Must be an inside joke sort of thing. Next to approach was the groom, whom Mike had already met. Again, they maintained their distance. The desire to shake hands was strong, but everyone was unmasked on the deck so care had to taken. It’s just how things are nowadays.

The ceremony went off without a hitch. The “girls” presenting corsages, the “son” presenting the rings when called for. The groom was emotional but held things in check — it is usually he who cries at these things. They exchanged their vows, the photographer circulating, the family beaming with joy over this event. The couple looked radiant and very happy. The closing of this bond was long in the making so they welcomed this… finally!

Located in Waterville Valley, the Black Bear Lodge.

Thankfully the sun was in else everyone would have roasted.

Upon closer reflection, we can dress him up.

At first glance… whoa.

Congratulations Alecia and Ken! May your joy last forever!

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