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Testing Backpacking 1-2-3

[…] the trip was a success. Everyone felt safe […]

Check check, testing, are we ready to go live? The hike test went well enough, it wasn’t technical so that simplifies matters, a lot, but it made us think as well. And knowing this it was time to up our game and try to test out a backpacking experience next. Could we stay distanced? Would masks be needed? Gloves? Filtering water, making coffee, a hand up here and there? How will it all work? Well, as we learned, it’ll work one bit at a time, tweaking things as we go. Again, we’re lucky in that this is fairly simple since our business is primarily outdoors anyway.

The adventure itself was an overnight to the 3463′ Stairs Mountain — a stunning 52WAV peak — lead by Redline Guide Arlette Laan. They began early to avoid the intense heat and to hopefully stay ahead of any crowds. One they managed better than the others, but they succeeded all around. The black flies added a new element, however. This gorgeous wilderness tent site was apparently hosting a black fly convention. Despite the bugs, though, the team reported a great time. In light of the challenges, both new and old, the trip was a success. Everyone felt safe. Enough concern was placed on this without detracting from the experience. We’d say that’s a win. Check out some to these photos from their trip.

Masked, distanced, and ready to rock and roll.

Side trip to Mt. Crawford? Check, of course.

They arrive to camp first and establish themselves. What a pretty spot.

Locating water after a brief rest was difficult and a mile from camp. It’s this spot’s down side.

It was like a jungle out there.

Guide Arlette looks particularly happy in this photo.

Such a special place.


Caption?! We have no caption for this. The photo IS the caption.

Well done team! Way to rise up and meet today’s challenges!

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