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First Class Purple Army

Classy first class first class. Classic.

“First Class” is used in two ways in the title of this post. First it means that quite literally this was the first class held at our new location. The second way we mean it is in that the members of the New Hampshire Women’s Hiking Group — the “Purple Army” who served as our students, were a first class group. We rarely post about our educational classes in our blog reserving that for our adventures, but this one being our first stands out. It’s newsworthy in our eyes. Yes, the stoke is absolutely real. It was awesome having our students’ study materials all set out for them and being able to write on a huge whiteboard and display a series of visuals via Powerpoint. Here are a few scenes from a fun and hopefully rewarding day.

Our early outdoor exercises are now carried out in a dedicated space. Ken dropped by to check it out for a bit.

Six feet by four! Oh, the possibilities (and it makes a good screen).

Before we knew it the group hiked toward our proving grounds for some practice.

Let the bushwhacking commence. Our objective in this specific leg was precision.

Nice day for roaming through the woods. No bugs… yet.

After our initial field work we moved to another location for more work.

Together our students solve the problems presented to them. They are doing well.

At this point they have a decent mastery that needs to be used and shared. Congratulations class! You guys rock!

Redline Guiding loves serving, shoulder to shoulder, with members of the Purple Army. We salute you!

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