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Hiking the Ridge

Franconia Ridge, that is, and assigned with hiking it was Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire. His goal was to lead one young lady from Massachusetts around the classic loop — bagging four mountains, two of which count as 4000-footers — going up Falling Waters trail to Little Haystack (elv. 4760′), across the ridge hitting Lincoln (elv. 5089′), North Lincoln (a.k.a. Truman, elv. 5020′), then finally Mt Lafayette (elv. 5260′) before descending via Greenleaf and Old Bridle Path trails back to go. The weather was top-notch so both guide and guest were delighted with the day. Stunning views, no bugs, and hiking on trails that are improving from the worst of their spring conditions. A very fine day. Here, check out these photos.

The classic loop.

Water falling on Falling Waters.

Enjoying her hike so far. What’s not to like?

Making sure progress across this famed ridge.

Stunning ridge, fine weather, fewer people during the weekday… this is epic!

Reaching further for the high point. Almost there!

Wow, this is awesome!

Not as agonizing on the way down.

Some bits are tough, maybe even intimidating, but so worth it.

Great job on the hike, team. Excellent leading, Ryan.

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