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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Guided Hike to Owl’s Head

Having guided this hike in the past, we weren’t surprised to see this destination come up again. It’s not that it’s too long or too difficult. But it is a long hike and there are notable challenges… or there can be. Namely, assuming one isn’t taking one of the three common “bushwhacks” — Black Pond, Fishermen’s, or Brutus — then there are three river crossings to […]

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Wedding on a Farm

And just to be clear, this isn’t just any old wedding on a farm, this is the wedding of Redline Guide Mike Kaminski and his lovely bride, Nicole. That’s right, one of our own, tied to the hitchin’ post and loving it. And we were playing a part. The ceremony, which took place on Saturday the 9th of September — a beautiful day with perfect temperatures […]

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Suunto Compasses Available

While we have no interest in really getting into retail sales — been there, done that — we do find ourselves in the position of being able to sell any and all Suunto products. In fact, over the (almost) year we’ve sold numerous Suunto A-10 (NH) compasses through our Wilderness Navigation classes. We weren’t trying to sell them, and actually held back because we didn’t have […]

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Six Mountains in Maine

If you’ve been paying attention to what we’ve been up to since spring you may remember Bob. He’s the fellow in Maine whose wife cares enough about him that she insisted he hire a guide while he completes the trailless peaks on the New England Hundred Highest list. Caring woman, smart man. We paired him with Redline Guide Ken Hodges figuring it might be a good […]

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