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Fit Cross

You’ve surely heard of Cross Fit, right? Well, our take on it is a brand new one, thanks to the wants and needs of one guest. She wanted a day of hiking — that’d be the “fit “part. Can you guess what the “cross” part refers to? If you guessed our River Crossing Skills course you guessed right. Here’s how it all went down, starting with day one.

ON DAY ONE… she met Redline Guide Chase Hall and after carefully evaluating the options decided that the 3269-foot Kearsarge North (one of the 52WAV) would be a good choice. All said and done, our guest agreed and she reported that they had a great time. It was the right amount of challenge and the right amount of reward. Below you will find some photos of Chase’s tour.

ON DAY TWO… she met with Redline Guide Mike Cherim for a River Skills course. They checked out a couple of spots off of Route 16, committed to the Pinkham Notch, and this lent time to evaluating options. Decision-making is, after all, a big part of everything. Ultimately they ended up on the Wildcat Range Trail where it crosses the Ellis River. Great rock-hopping classroom right there. Last but not least the team went further down the street to ford the Peabody River. More photos follow:

Great job one and all. To our guest and student, thank you for choosing Redline Guiding!

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