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Bonding on Mt Washington

This was one of those guided tours that encourage a lot of commentary due to the unusual nature of some of its elements. For starters, notice was seriously lacking — some people book with us months in advance. We get nervous any time we’re called and asked if we can guide a hiking or other tourtomorrow.” That’s what happened, though, and as usual we did cringe a bit thinking that it just wouldn’t be possible, bemoaning all the moving parts, the logistics, and that we’d have to turn down work. Eww, we don’t want to ever do that, of course. But as it turned out, pressed into action, a phone call later, the landscape changed and we were able to get it done. Booking forms were received, obviously the guest was serious. He wanted to use this trip to bond with his son and we wanted it for them. It worked. In hindsight, going through the trial they did, that bond is now welded inseparably tight. And we were there. The welders have arrived, sir.

The next somewhat unusual thing was to back-up this hike with a ride from the 6288′ Mt Washington summit. A guaranteed exit. This is not totally uncommon as we’ve had others do it before taking the train, usually buying ’round trip tickets in advance, or hoping to hop on a shuttle down. In this case, we were tasked with providing said transportation, too, on demand, if needed. On call. And as it turned out, the call was made, the ride was sorely needed, and very much appreciated. Without a doubt, this father and son worked really hard to make this happen. Mt Washington is a tough mountain, one they both summited, and hiking access is via some gnarly trails. They did good!

We wanted to help, to support this lovely effort, so we chipped in with more than just an easy exit. Redline Guide Chase Hall, on lead for this — in true guide form — shouldered more than one pack for a while while being part cheerleader of sorts and part psychologist. Whatever helped, whatever it took. It’s up you’re going, and it’s accessed one-step-at-a-time. You got this. The ride down was provided by Redline Guide Mike Cherim and his Jeep. The heavy lifting was definitely done. Everyone enjoyed that element. The Auto Road obviously takes great pride in their presence and stewardship on the mountain. The road is impressively well-tended and quite pretty below as well as above treeline.

Between Chase and Mike, they took a lot of photos of this Type 2 Fun sort of day. Impossible not to. Check ’em out.

Great job, everyone! To our well bonded father and son guests, thank you for choosing Redline Guiding!

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