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It’s Different Up There

This was a hike of some firsts, a lot of firsts as Redline Guide Chase Hall put it. We’d go on at this point to tell the tale, but as some of our guides like to do (and we like it, too), Chase offers us his version, below:

Up Jewell and Down On the Train

A returning husband and wife reached out to Redline Guiding to help them hike Mt. Washington for the first time. They hiked Mt Eisenhower the year prior and knew the terrain was going to be rocky but they didn’t know the “Rock Pile” was a different hike above 4,780-feet. Mt. Washington stands 6,288-feet above sea level and anything can happen within moments up there. The guests were .5 miles from the summit when all of a sudden the pretty clouds from the alpine zone opened up and started to rain cats and dogs and visibility became 30-feet of white noise. The rain soaked our souls and made the last .4 miles to summit the hardest part of the hike. When we got to the summit, though, the rain stopped and all was back to normal. The guests were soaked and the turn-around time realized, the whole time was used to reach the summit. The couple got their first Mt. Washington summit, though! It was a win-win for all parties. We decided to take the train down and say we saw, we summited, we were victorious. —Chase

Nicely told, Chase, and now here are some photos — not many were taken due to photo permissions.

Great job, team! To our guests, thank you for adventuring with Redline Guiding! See you soon!

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