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Coaching the Mountain Run

By way of a special arrangement, stunt double and stand-in guide Kristina Folcik — from White Mountain Endurance Coaching — took a single guest on a one-on-one mountain run today. Our guest’s hope is to start running the Whites and from us she was hoping for some higher level insights. Kristina touched on skills/techniques, pacing, reading rocks, fueling up, hydration, planning, preparation, packing, safety, weather, etiquette, and so much more. It wasn’t our Trail Running Intro as this was more of a 201-type offering, and the main focus was an educational adventure.

The plan was to ascend Crawford Path, get onto Webster Cliff Trail to bag Mt Pierce (4313′) then grab Mt Eisenhower (4763′). The weather, being amazing as it was, and other factors, green-lighted more travel and they continued on to Mt Monroe (5369′). They reversed course after grabbing this third 4000-footer of the day, but stuck to the AT (Crawford Path) on the way back.

Look for Kristina’s name again moving forward — and not just as a Wilderness First Aid hosting partner. She used to be a member of the Redline Guiding team and we may in fact be welcoming her back along with White Mountain Endurance Coaching. Stay tuned.

Great job, Kristina and guest. Thank you for choosing Redline Guiding for help with your training!

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