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You Think It, We Carry It

Porterers of dreams. Your imagination coupled with our local knowledge and brute strength can make some pretty cool things happen. Examples might include helping someone enjoy a less-effort backpacking experience, or helping someone avoid carrying a lot of extra weight on particularly technical or worrisome terrain. Expect to hear more about this service in action very soon. Right now, however, we just helped one couple — a returning guest and his wife — enjoy a special and unique experience to celebrate their first year together.

On this mission, playing the role of a porter, Redline Guide Mike Cherim met the husband locally, grabbed items like a blanket, sparking wine, dishes and cutlery, candles, and a bouquet of flowers. Also in the kit was a meal for the couple from The Chef’s Bistro. Mike also added a couple of butt pads and bolster cushions of his own hoping the further enhance their experience. These add-ons were well-received.

After Mike hiked everything up and set it up for the couple, he waited for them to arrive, staking out two sites for them in the process. One site was for the meal, and the other a more exposed site to take in the actual sunset, have a champagne toast, and lounge on the blanket. During the wait Mike was hoping the showers popping up here and there would miss the location. For the mostly that is what occurred, mostly, as we later learned. The spot was a real hit in any case, we were relieved to hear. Here are a few photos of the scene.

Happy anniversary you two! Thanks for letting Redline Guiding help you make it even more special!

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