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Jefferson via Caps Ridge

The team carpooled to the trailhead as it made the most sense. It was to be a simple out-and-back, no “car spots” needed. The plan was to hike up to Mt Jefferson (5713′) — number three on the list of 4000-footers and number three on the list for our guest. They were going to do this via the Caps Ridge Trail. For those not in the know, this fun and exciting trail is on the Terrifying 25 list, and deservedly so. We knew they carpooled when guide and guest both called during the ride back and we spoke to the team over speaker.

During the call we learned that the day was gorgeous up there and the experience unforgettable. One comment made by our guest stood out: that, by hiring a guide, she was able to sort of kick back and just take in the hike, enjoying its essence without the clutter of logistics, navigation and route-finding, and more. Now, in our wilderness navigation class we don’t recommend disconnecting from these hike responsibilities, getting caught in the “expert halo,” as they say, but there is also a lot of undeniable truth to the feeling of having less of the duty and more of the wonder.

Content from our guides has been shuffled around a bit this past week, so this post will mention our newest Redline Guide Chase Hall for the first time, but it’s not his first assignment with us. Prior to this Chase was helping out with a Portering assignment (not this one, but another) — but more on this soon… we hope. In the meantime, enjoy this shared experience with these photos taken by Chase.

Fine first lead, Chase, and to our guest, congratulations and thank you for adventuring with Redline Guiding!

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