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Training on Ice and Snow

The temperatures were mild for February, which means it was warmer than it should be. Which also means the suffering was held to a minimum. And that part’s good — our students were comfortable during their basic mountaineering skills and introduction to ice climbing classes. These were led with Redline Guides Mike Cherim and Mike Maciel taking on the mountaineering skills, while Redline Guide Pat Ferland took a couple out to show them how to climb some ice. Both groups were made up of returning students and new students alike. More common ground is that both groups learned a few things and had a safe, fun day in the process. Only a few photos follow. We’ve never been one publish a lot of content about our classes focusing mostly on our adventures so this post is an anomalous, so to speak.

Great job, everyone! And students, thank you for advancing your game with Redline Guiding!

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