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Small but Wicked Mighty

Everyone who hikes the 3384′ Mt Tremont takes note of the mountain’s steep upper reaches and the numerous switchbacks that allegedly ease the effort required to climb said reaches. “Those switchbacks,” they exclaim, “sure are something else.” (They actually mutter something different, but you get the idea.) So, if you’re one of the folks out there taking on the 52 With a View list because it’s so much easier than hiking those pesky 4000-footers, get back to us after taking on Tremont. Let us know how much of a pushover it is. What we think we’ll hear is a new-found respect in your voice as you claim that wasn’t as easy as you thought it would be.

For one many-time returning guest (and friend and accounting teacher), this mountain and this trip, led by Redline Guide Mike Cherim, was number 22 on her list — now having only 30 to go. This was a snowshoes hike from start to finish, the snowy trail only partially broken out adding to the effort needed to travel on it. Fortunately one other hiker, a fellow named Tim and his German Shepard dog, Madison, caught up with us at the final crossing and helped us flatten the trail by taking point on the final push. Thank you, Tim and Madison!

Great job, team, and to our guest congratulations on yet another peak!

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