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Skilled Buddies

A day of winter training plus mountaineering skills training and a guided experience on a winter Mt Washington goes a long way toward filling one’s experience bank. It’s akin to making a huge experiential deposit, perhaps bolstering a little-used account, or for some making a significant opening deposit. Going in inexperienced, coming out wiser, stronger, better than before. That’s what a few hiking buddies did.

We won’t get too wordy on you. We will bullet-point a few facts about this two-day experience, then we’ll dive into the numerous (56) photos — each akin to 1000-words — offered up by Redline Guides Pat Ferland and Mike Maciel.

  • This was a full-on winter experience with a variety of conditions.
  • The majority of the initial team summited the mountain successfully.
  • The team was blessed with the weather — even witnessing an undercast.

Photos from Day One of Two
Redline Guiding Basecamp, Intervale & Whitehorse Ledge, North Conway, New Hampshire

Photos from Day Two of Two
Mt Washington, Pinkhams Grant & Sargents Purchase, New Hampshire

Great job to one and all. And to our students, thanks for choosing Redline Guiding!

Note: Yep, we know, the ordering of the photos isn’t exactly spot on. We’ll own it.

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