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The Middle One

There are three “Carters” not including a mountain called “Carter Dome.” The northern-most Carter is aptly named “North Carter.” The southern-most one is also appropriately named as we refer to it as “South Carter.” Now that you know this, dear reader, would you care to use your imagination and guess at what the Carter in the middle is called? Well, regardless of what it’s called (there are clues on this page giving it away), Redline Guide Ken Hodges led the way for a many-time returning guest as she took on this peak via the Imp, North Carter, and Carter-Moriah Trails. Ken offered his company, patience, security, wit, and support for our guest helping her bag number 26 (of the 48 she’s after)

Being that this guest has been with us several times in the past, we knew for sure that she loves the YouTube videos that we make and has even requested them. So, while we didn’t have a ton of media to work with, we just had to make this video for her. We accompanied the visuals with an unusual R&B’s piece from Epidemic Sound called “Alice Faye Outro” by King Sis. It has no real connection to the visuals, but we thought it was neat, and the correct length. Hopefully it’s enjoyed by all.

Great job, one and all. Congratulations to our guest on Middle Carter, #26!

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