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Monthly Archives: November 2022

Obligatory Gift Certificate Plug

Or you COULD be DONE! We can save you from Black Friday, or at least help you out through the rest of today. Offering yourself or someone you love the gift of adventure is one awesome solution to your shopping season woes, and we can help. Not only making gift certificates for our services available, but to offer them at a 10% discount if ordered through […]

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Thankful for You

Today is Thanksgiving. While we’re always grateful for those who allow us to exist — mainly our incredible guests and are awesome guides (though there are others) — it’s important to let you know, especially on a day in which giving thanks is in its name, that we acknowledge you and are in fact grateful. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Have a safe and enjoyable holiday. The […]

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Cool Gift: Sweet 16 Hike

We’re not pushing gift certificates — though count on us mentioning it soon. The cool gift in this case — a hike in the White Mountains — was the brainchild of the birthday girl, now age 16. Let’s back up a little and all this will make a little more sense. It’s your birthday, you can hike if you want to… It’s about a week out […]

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Training for Spicy Hikes

Based on the requirements and objectives given, and also coupled with backstory about a recent slide ascent and its affect on the mind, we had a guest that needed a custom-fit adventure. Redline Guide Mike Maciel took the initial call — he becoming known for leading handfuls of hikers into some cool, extra spicy places — and turned the focus toward the area of King Ravine […]

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The Middle One

There are three “Carters” not including a mountain called “Carter Dome.” The northern-most Carter is aptly named “North Carter.” The southern-most one is also appropriately named as we refer to it as “South Carter.” Now that you know this, dear reader, would you care to use your imagination and guess at what the Carter in the middle is called? Well, regardless of what it’s called (there […]

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Mission Vermont

Your mission, Ken, should you choose to accept it… that’s how it started with us asking Redline Guide Ken Hodges if he wanted to take on a mission, a possible one in this case. The details — well, a fit and experienced hiker from South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom had some fixed days in which she would be in Vermont and hoped to hire a […]

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