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Monthly Archives: August 2022

Huntington. Must. Be. Dry.

This popular hiking tour took a while to put together for this group — ground conditions earlier on forcing a change — but it finally happened. A confident guide, a forecast of dry weather, and some predictably dry rock allowed our guests to feel good about giving this attempt the green light. And so, it finally happened. The team successfully climbing the “hiking trail” up Huntington […]

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Tried the Tris and Won

A returning guest who was with us just last week is on a roll as she steams through her New Hampshire 48 4000-footers. It makes sense, the weather’s been mostly good for hiking so one has to strike while the iron’s hot, so to speak. Her trusted companion through all this has been Redline Guide Phoebe Seltzer. Phoebe offered a few photos of their trip, some […]

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The Un-City Nights

Three days, two nights, a getaway for a mother and her 9 year-old son. Being from New York City, this adventure was quite the departure from their normal day-to-day routines, but then again that is the point. Both experienced hikers, the duo wanted to go all-in and have a backpacking experience. Knowing this traverse really well, we know it delivers, and we knew Redline Guide Will […]

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Southern Presidential Traverse

His June traverse of the Northern Presidential Range in the White Mountain National Forest (WMNF) was naturally followed up with a traverse of the Southern end of the same range. You can read about the prior tour here and also check out the video we made for that. This was a natural follow-up, particularly as many of our guests return for more fun times with us […]

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Mt Madison Isn’t Easy

The statement that “Mt Madison isn’t easy” will be the utter truth for some, but not all, this we acknowledge. For some it’d be an easy peasy breezy thing. But let’s tweak the circumstances a bit. Let’s add in winds that were at the time approaching 70 miles per hour on nearby Mt Washington (a place known for its extreme weather), just across the Great Gulf […]

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