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Married on Cathedral Ledge

Back in the Covid days of 2021, someone from the Echo Lake State Park would come open the gates to the Cathedral Ledge access road to let us drive up to have a wedding. We did a few of them that way, and with access choked off, the normal crowds milling about were virtually non-existent. This made Cathedral Ledge, as a wedding venue anyway, extremely attractive. This level of service, sadly, is no more. There’s no need. The road is open now, the crowds are back. So what’s a couple to do?! Well, they could do what Sean and Chelsae did on the morning of July 7th, 2022: They had us meet them up there at dawn. There was hardly anyone around for their sweet sunrise wedding. Photo services were provided by us with Redline Guide Mike Maciel behind the glass. Here are a few of the gorgeous photos he took of this lovely couple as NH Justice of the Peace (and Redline Guiding owner) Mike Cherim officiated the blessed event.

Nailed it on the sunrise.

It’s time.

Rings please.

The I dos were done.

Hand in hand.

Sean and Chelsae, a huge congratulations to you, and thank you for the honor of having us officiate!

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