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Monthly Archives: December 2021

A Peakbagger’s Battle for #27

We could re-tell this story of trial and triumph supplied with such telling information, but we’re instead going to let Redline Guide Mike Maciel convey his information directly to you. His narrative will be followed by a few photos that he took of their trip. A many time returning seasonal guest has come back for another winter season as she works towards her 48 4000-footers.   […]

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Season Kickoff

The snows came just in time, allowing us to finally exhale, albeit tortuously in the eleventh hour. We were counting on it, we needed it, as did our guests from North Carolina. They were visiting the area and wanted to partake in a couple backcountry adventures with us. Specifically they wanted to try some Nordic (cross country) skiing and to test themselves a bit snowshoeing up […]

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AAA Shares Our Wild Side

Warmth in the winter is best found from within. If you manage to do that, then you’ll realize it’s easy to stay warm in the winter. So how do you manage it? Well, you get out there and be active in it. That’s what AAA suggests in this Redline Guiding-inclusive article: “Warm up to these 10 fun outdoor winter activities.” Thanks for telling people about us, […]

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Winter Camp Life Clinic

Learn how to not freeze your tuchus off while camping this coming winter with Redline Guide Tim Jones (primary). Tim plans to lead up to eight (8) participants on an overnight. The location will be made known only to the paid participants for privacy reasons, but do note that Tim has advised that the hiking/snowshoeing in part of it will be minimal. His focus being on […]

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Mt Chocorua in November

The transformation from the warmer weather stuff to the colder weather stuff is upon us. It’s almost like glitching between two distinct seasons. Sure, there are technically four seasons, but really, we know, there is only winter and not-winter. The fissure between them a fine one to be sure. Our guest hoped to hike Franconia Ridge but due to the conditions and our guest’s inexperience on […]

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