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Taming the Elephant

AT 3772-feet (or 3774-feet, depending on where you look), Maine’s Elephant Mountain is on the list of New England’s Hundred Highest peaks. Needing this summit were two individual guests — both returning — and since they were willing to go on the same trip, they both got it done. We felt the two would be a good match on the hike together, and so did the guide who had been out with both. That guide being Redline Guide Ken Hodges. Not only did Ken lead this successful laughter-filled bushwhack, he captured a few bits of it in stills and clips that we turned into a fun little mini-movie. Take note of the classical music. It is a piece named “The Elephant.” Enjoy!

Great job everyone! To our returning guests, thank you for taking on your continued adventures with Redline Guiding.

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