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Splitting the Pemi

Our guest wanted two 4000-footers, and brand new Redline Guide Phoebe Seltzer delivered the goods, opting to bisect the Pemigewasset Wilderness. After a lot of discussion, a lot of consideration going back and forth, but ultimately given some autonomy to take charge and design the trip for our returning guest herself, we feel it was a grand success, and our guest very pleased. Phoebe offered this written synopsis, below, along with some photos that we turned into a short clip.

A returning guest was looking to go for her 27th and 28th 4,000 footer. After debating many possiblilities, the best option given the potential for rain and the desire to head deep into the woods was Galehead (4024′) and Owl’s Head (4025′) with a stay at 13 Falls Tentsite. Rain was in the forecast but we had partly sunny skies Friday and it did not rain until we got to the car Saturday. The foliage was lovely the whole trip and we enjoyed beautiful rivers both days. The footing was great most of the time save for the final push to Galehead and the slide up Owls head but conquering the slide made the summit all that much sweeter. The views from Galehead hut are always stunning and the hut brownies never disappoint. The trails provided a good opportunity to become a pro at stream crossings and the final one required waist deep wading, but our guest handled it like a champ. —Phoebe


Well done on your first gig, Phoebe! And to our guest, congratulations… and thank you for adventuring with Redline Guiding.

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