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Claiming Carrigain

A returning guest asked for company on the 4700′ Mt Carrigain — one of NH’s 4000-footers. Her regular hiking guide is Redline Guide Mike Maciel and he again enthusiastically took the lead. Initially Isolation was on tap, but that changed to Carrigain. Mike had provided some photos and a short video clip of the trip. And as a way of further detailing the story, Mike also provided, in bullet-point fashion, some tid-bits to help us convey the tale. We used the photos and supplied clip to make a one-minute video, and then we opted to paste Mike’s bullet-point tid-bits as is. The list makes for a great synopsis. Here goes…

  • “Thought we could get cute with the weather, since it looked like a nice midday opening, instead we hiked into a cloud.”
  • “Saw a black bear running down the side of Rte 302; our guest saw firsthand why we don’t run from bears.”
  • “Showed her some of the old remnants of Livermore on the way in. Took a pic of the sign that didn’t have spellcheck.”
  • “She is officially on team no way in hell I’d drink out of that well.” (Referring to the ill reputed well near Carrigain’s summit.)
  • “Summit was cold & misty, we had a quick sammich at the tent site, had our first hot tea of the season, and made our way back down.”
  • “#26 for her, good to have her back!”

And now the video…

Great job, team. To our guest, thanks for adventuring with us!

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