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Crossing the Boundary

One of the New England Hundred Highest mountains — the final peak for one of our many returning guests — Boundary Peak (3855′), also known as “Panther,” eh, was 100 out of 100 for the finish. The team, led by Redline Guide Ken Hodges, went in from the Canadian side. They had dotted their Is and crossed their Ts in terms of paperwork, both vaccinated, they even got a COVID test just days prior, hoping they wouldn’t be turned away, their mission deemed frivolous or unnecessary. They rolled the dice.

They made it; they got in, drove to Mt Gosford Park, Quebec, then they hiked Jeep roads to the boundary swath, hiking it, then making it to the summit. It’s certainly possible to go in from the United States not involving crossing the Canadian border at all, but it’s a lot tougher. This was a good choice. Ken took some photos and a summit video. We put everything together into a little movie, as we often do. Enjoy!

Great job team, congratulations to our guest for earning 100/100. Thanks for doing some of it with us!

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