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Fraternal Twins

It was twin days of hiking, but one day looked nothing like the other. On day one Redline Guide Howard Aronson brought our father-son guests on the Moats as fas as Middle Moat. They turned there to avoid longer traverse. The next day, with less time to spare, and feeling it from the prior day’s efforts, they toned things down a bit exploring Pinkham Notch a bit with Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak before heading out. Both guides provided some comments and photos (which we put towards a video, see below).

Howard’s Comments

We hiked up to South and Middle Moat. After going partially down Middle Moat, we decide to turn around and go back to the South Moat Trailhead. We all had a great day, with beautiful views and nice weather. Our guests were from Austin, Texas. They have done quite a bit of hiking and backpacking, but nothing quite like the White Mountains. It was their first time here. They loved it. —Howard


Jeffrey’s Comments

These guys were a whole lot of fun to be with. I always love leading family/father/son hikes. Such a personal pleasure to hear them bond together. Especially like the out-of-area in this case Texas hikers as it gives me a chance to teach them about while I like to call “my backyard.” Our guests had to be in Portland in the afternoon to prepare for an ocean fishing trip and were looking for a three hour hike. The previous day they hiked South and Middle Moat and conquered those two peaks very well with my friend and Redline Guide, Howard. After consulting with the two of them we decided the Lost Pond Trail would be perfect. As a plus we they could brag to their friends that they did a section hike of the Appalachian Trail, after all you have to start somewhere. They were in awe of the pond, stream, rock formations, and greenery. To be honest so was I. I love this trail for what it has to offer. It’s not all about the 48s or 52s. There are plenty of beautiful places to hike in our area and this is but one of them. As a plus guests stopped by the Intervale Motel to take pictures of and admire the 150 year old maple tree that might be destroyed in the hotel project goes through. He could not understand how that tree could be destroyed, and I agree. —Jeffrey

And so do we, Jeffrey. In fact, the inset photo, shows Jeffrey’s passion. What follows are the photos from their trip.

Great job one and all. Thank you for adventuring with Redline Guiding.

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