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Hamlin Peak is #99

Hamlin Peak of Mt Katahdin is number 99/100 for our oft-returning guest working on his New England Hundred Highest. There all along has been Redline Guide Ken Hodges, helping out, showing the way, keeping things safe and simple. Baxter Peak (also Mt Katahdin), Coe, Fort, and North and South Brother, all done, Hamlin Peak (4756′) was the last hold out in Baxter State Park. The Rangeley area is likewise done, minus one peak: Boundary. The Covid-closed border between Canada and the United States got in the way of obtaining that now-lone sentinel of the the list, but stay tuned. For now, enjoy the video of this latest adventure, images supplied by Ken.

Great job, Ken, and to our guest, congratulations and getting that much closer. Thanks for adventuring with us.

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