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The Sabbaday Snow Globe

Magan and Joe — Married April 16th, 2021

First time that venue was chosen — Sabbaday Falls, just off the Kanc — the Florida couple asked for a nice coating of fresh snow. It had been a terrible year for snow, everything was brown, and it was very unlikely their request would be filled, but they absolutely got their wish. It was like a miracle. Several inches of fresh powder colored their wonderful white wonderland.

This most recent couple, unlike the other couple, didn’t ask for snow, and they didn’t necessarily want it (though they didn’t complain, either) but thanks to what we now see as perhaps more than a simple coincidence, Sabbaday Falls, that is, they got snow anyway. Apparently just choosing Sabbaday Falls is enough to trigger a snowstorm. We have to wonder if this may extend to yet other months, as well.

It was chillier than expected, but the couple, their family and friends, and our NH Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim simply dressed for the occasion. Plus the walk in helped warm everyone up. The couple and everyone in attendance seemed to have a good time. This may have actually been thanks to the weather, in part: there were no crowds. As it turned out, the wedding was amazing. Check out this photo-compilation video and see it for yourself.

Congratulations Magan and Joe!

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