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A Saco Lake Wedding

Lindsey and Dakota — Married December 28th, 2020.

The plan was to meet in front of the Crawford Train Depot then hike up Mt Willard and perform the service there. Problem was the weather was so horrible in the parking lot — wind driven snow screaming past us sideways — that they couldn’t even fathom the idea of hiking up into it further.

What they needed, actually, was protection from the gusts tearing through the Crawford Notch Gateway. Redline Guide and JP Mike Cherim, suggested they hold the wedding on the backside of Saco Lake. In his estimation, this is a great spot with a ton of photo opportunity and potential. It’s a spot he wanted to test out, and this couple, thanks to the weather, were willing and got to be the lucky firsts.

As usual, here is a blog post with a few photos taken with permission from the bride and groom. But as something new, something special, and to help make up for the lack of mountain, we also put together this short film posted to our YouTube channel.

The bride made the call. Mike made the suggestion for plan B.

Their wedding posse navigated to (slightly challenging due to thin ice) the back side of Saco Lake.

Really quite lovely.

They decided to marry on the rocks in the lake. Funny thing happened on the way… check out the video.

Very grand, majestic.

Finally, they are now a Mr and Mrs.

Nice wedding guys. Quite amazing.

Congratulations Lindsey and Dakota!

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