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Guides Do Marry

Álvaro and Suzy — Married November 21st, 2020.

It’s happened before. One minute they’re guiding, living a bachelor’s dream life out of their van, the next minute they getting swept off their feet. It stands to reason, though, when you have a sharp looking crew like our team of guides. This time at the altar was Redline Guide Álvaro Marques, and with him his lovely now-wife, Suzy.

Like many couples this year, 2020 has proven challenging for Álvaro and Suzy and their plans to wed. Things got moved, changed, altered, flipped, and twisted, yet in the end it all came together in the presence of Suzy’s family and a very small handful of friends (including Redline Guide Ken Hodges and Mike Cherim, who gifted the couple with the officiation of their celebration). Others were present, as well, but not physically. As we’ve seen so many times throughout this past year, a computer’s camera was facing the ceremony, and on the screen were little boxes, each inhabited by a smiling face delighted to “be there” in any capacity.

Being that a virus is sweeping the nation, a great many steps were taken by the couple and the venue to keep everyone present safe. The location was at the Christmas Farm Inn in Jackson and the service was held in a large, finished barn without forced air heating. The service itself lasted about ten minutes, and barring a couple of tables in the back of the room and the bride and groom, everyone was masked during the service, including the officiant. It’s just the new normal and according to the science, sadly the virus doesn’t take the day off because it’s a wedding.

It was a fine event, captured by Lenka Flaherty (though the photos in this post are by Mike), one we won’t soon forget. In ten years we will still talk about it. We’ll ask: “Remember 2020?” And the reply will be: “Yeah, two of the nicest, most loving people we know and love tied the knot that year.”

Here comes the bride…

This is definitely a 2020 look. Love the bridal masks.

Together, but distanced. The couple stand with their JP. (Photo by Lenka.)

The photoshoot really begins.

Just married… congratulations you two!

Beautiful bouquet.

Fashion-wise, these two can pull it off. Not everyone can.

Congratulations Álvaro and Suzy. May your next fifty years have less challenge and more time and peace together.

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