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Backpacking 101

It’s rare we write about our educational classes. In a way, unlike our adventures, there’s little to tell. Aside from our guests, and perhaps our locations, there is little unique about the classes, one seemingly just like the one before it. That said, because this is naturally a slower, shoulder-season time for us, we wanted to at least post a few photos of today’s Camp Craft course held at Mountain Pond. Teaching the course was Redline Guide Mike Cherim. The students — a local couple who bidded-on and won a gift certificate donated to a local charitable cause — reported having an amazing time and learning a ton of stuff from major items drilling down to the minor nuances. So, without further ado:

Mid-morning peace on Mountain Pond.

A local couple stoked to be out.

Our chosen site. Our guests erected the tent.

Working on hanging that pesky bear bag.

Looks like he’s supervising the hanging of the bear bag.

One is better at bear bag hanging than the other. It’s okay, roles and responsibilities become established in such a manner.

Boggy goodness.

It’s beautiful out. Cold enough to help you know you’re alive, warm enough not to kill you in the process.

What a beautiful section of trail.

Congratulations to our students for completing the course, fresh with the subtleties of LNT and the USFS regulations (PDF).

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