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13.1 in the Mountains

Leading this trip was Redline Guide Mike Maciel. The objective was North and Middle Tripyramid — two of our famed 4000-footers. The route was Livermore Trail, to Scaur Ridge Trail, to Pine Bend Brook Trail, to the Mt Tripyramid Trail, then back the way they came doing the whole thing in reverse. The guest has been with us previously. This time, however, we learned something new. We knew she was a runner and had run a marathon or two. Come to find out, though, she had run ninety-six, 9-6, half-or full-marathons. That’s pretty impressive if you ask us. She hadn’t done this in the mountains, at least not in the Whites, until today. Today’s trip was a hair over 13.1 miles. A mountain half-marathon. Very cool.

Happy hiker after a bit of warmup.

Our guest really appreciates the snow-covered trees.

North Slide looking menacing. Not today, folks.

Almost there.

We encourage our guests go first to bag the summit, provided there isn’t an overriding safety concern.

Nice view off the back.

North Tripyramid, 11/48.

Great day for this.

Our guest locates the highpoint.

Middle Tripyramid, 12/48. Yes!

Chocorua and Passaconaway to the east. What a gorgeous day, perfect temperatures.

Now to backtrack.

Great lead, Mike, and to our guest, two more done: 11-12/48. Congratulations! And thanks for hiking with Redline Guiding.

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