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Zoom Past the Challenges

Christina and Henry — Married October 15th, 2020

Distance, difference, a pandemic, even a tardy gatekeeper couldn’t stop this couple from marrying. It may have felt to them like fate would win out at times and that these challenges would just swallow them up and spit them out, never allowing the marriage to happen, but that’s not how it went down. As a couple, true to their foundation of unwavering love, they pushed through it all, perhaps making this union even more precious, even more valuable. They do say, after all, that greater satisfaction comes from the things we work for, not the things we are given.

This wedding, officiated by Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim, was held atop the beautiful Cathedral Ledge in North Conway, to which they drove up with special permission from the State park (they opened the gate for them). The morning was a good one. The sky was clear, the sun was shining, the temperatures were just about perfect, and the day was clearly a winner. Then technology happened. The couple opted to allow others to join in the celebration by way of Zoom (video conferencing software). Of course this led to the usual “this thing’s not working,” and “can you hear me?” and “it won’t let me in.” That, too, the couple overcame together and they successfully added a crowd of ten people to their small celebration. Together, they are learning how to win.

The view at this location is stunning.

It’s a long way down.

The couple approve of the location and get into position.

Thank you all for coming. Please feel free to sit anywhere.

Just married.

Making connections… together. The after party begins.

Congratulations to Henry and Christina. Hopefully, together, life will forgo the challenges jumping right to the joy.

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