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One More on Willard

[…] the couple looked great.

When people register with us to officiate their wedding, they are asked if we may take photos of the couple and post them here on our blog. Some are totally okay with this and sign off on it. Others, of course, do not. And of course occasionally couples ask us to wait a specified period of time so that they may announce their surprise. We are totally okay with whatever choice is made. In any case, we still like to post a few photos of the scene and offer our most sincere congratulations. That’s what this post is about. We can assure you, despite a lack photographic evidence revealing the bride and groom, the couple looked great. He in a tailored blue suit, she in a form-fitted white silken gown with billowing vail. Awesome.

Mt Willard. The couple chose this popular spot for their wedding.

They are enamored by this impressive view.

The sun was low, the lighting just right.

A perfect time and place to bring these two together as one.

Congratulations Kori and Bryan. We wish you the very best for your future together.

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