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Become LNT Aware

The problems with litter have been particularly bad this year for some reason. Local rumor has it drunk day-trippers are leaving behind a bad impression right along with their garbage — refuse ranging from feces to painted bricks. It’s unacceptable. To anyone who hikes or appreciates the forests and mountains, not leaving it a mess is a no-brainer. No littering is obvious. One should leave no trace. But leaving no trace is so much more than just not littering. Leave No Trace or LNT as it’s known includes seven principles. There is an entire non-profit organization dedicated to this singular cause.

Most hikers get it, but not all. That’s why continuing education is so important. Keep on preaching. It’ll sink in eventually. And speaking of preaching, that’s what we want to do. Specifically, since Redline Guide Mike Maciel just earned his “LNT Awareness Trainer” credentials, he wants to have an LNT Awareness Class on the morning of August 28th, 2020 (from 8-12). An LNT hike-class actually. Where is to be determined, but expect a slow-paced easy to light-moderate difficulty. The focus of the half day will be the LNT Awareness Training.

The cost of this hike/class is $45/person, and we will require at least two participants for the class to run. To sign up, please fill out our booking form as that signs our waiver and provides your emergency info.

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