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Nevertheless She Persisted

This is a very simple story with a very happy ending. Our recent guest who hiked with us to Owl’s Head had come back to us for one more peak (for now). Owl’s Head, you see, was her 47th mountain toward the completion of the NH 48 4000-footers list. Thus, she had one more: Mount Isolation. Like Owl’s Head, Isolation is as its name implies, out there a bit. It’s remote and there are a number of river crossings. Most days they are rock-hoppable, with this trip being no exception. But it’s not just the crossings. Much of the trail is also a rock-hopping festival. If you are a beginner at hopping on rocks, after the north end of the Rocky Branch Trail you will be a master.

Like on Owl’s Head, this tour was led by Redline Guide Arlette Laan. She also supplied these photos of the hike.

Ready for this? Yes!

Significant progress.

Some happy going on, we can tell.

Outstanding job! Congratulations on getting your 48!

One of those days.

It wasn’t easy, but nevertheless she persisted. Great lead, Arlette, and congratulations to our guest on her 48!

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