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Middle Sugarloaf Marriage

Ricky and Peter — Married September 9th, 2019

It was inevitable. We knew that eventually we’d have a couple pick one of the Sugarloaves for their mountain wedding ceremony. It’s a terrific sunrise option, if nature offers up a sunrise, that is. In any case, there are numerous grand vistas in most directions on these well-loved 52WAV peaks.

The sunrise on Middle Sugarloaf was less than spectacular on this particular morning. But that’s okay, though. The skies had character, a level of drama even without the sun. Moreover, the couple’s enthusiasm and the spirit of the event made up for any loss of colors in the eastern sky. For many years they waited for this day. Finally with the day upon them, they were more than ready for this.

Here are a few photos of the morning.

In the spirit of adventure, the ascent was done by headlamp.

They prepare for sunrise photos but the clouds are getting in the way.

The family waits together.

The lack of sun is irrelevant when we shine from within.

Getting that rings photo.

Mt Hale comes out for a visit.

Ledge exploration.

The family portrait.

With the right exposure, the sky comes to life.

Congratulations Peter and Ricky! May all of your sunrises be together!

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