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Scar Ridge and PATN

Scar Ridge (3775′) and Peak Above The Nubble (PATN, 3813′) are two of the New Hampshire mountains that make up the hundred highest peaks in New England (NEHH). Neither of these have a proper trail to their summits requiring hikers to bushwhack. Inasmuch, we are occasionally asked to guide on these mountains. That’s what happened this past weekend with a returning single guest who prefers a private tour and to stay out of the limelight — hence no guest photos. On point for these two tours was Redline Guide Arlette Laan helping our guest score the notorious ridge Saturday followed by an easier-to-acquire PATN Sunday. She provided these photos.

Scar Ridge: The approach was via the Loon Mountain Ski Area.

Scar Ridge: Fast forward to the summit with Arlette.

Scar Ridge: This bog is one of this tough hike’s charms.

PATN: Has it’s charms, too.

PATN: Arlette at the summit.

PATN: Some views.

PATN: Another view. The distant rocky peak is Middle Sugarloaf (where Mike is performing a wedding as this is being posted).

Great job, Arlette, and congratulations to the whole team for getting that much closer!

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