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Guiding Kids in Nature

Ken pointed out some delicious wild blackberries for all to enjoy.

We spent nearly as much time discussing and planning this custom half-day nature tour as our guests from Connecticut did actually enjoying it, but it was really worth it because enjoy it they did. A lot, in fact. The main focus of the tour, as requested, was wildlife. Beavers specifically, if at all possible. With Redline Guide Ken Hodges, who would actually be leading this tour and is a wealth of information, we decided on the aptly named Beaver Brook Trail on the north face of Mt Moosilauke. The drive was a little on the long side for us, but it’s one of the best, most accessible places we know of to see various animal sign. Particularly beaver.

So what was seen today, exactly? How did it go? Well, Ken started by pointing out to our guests — Deborah, and her grandsons Jonny (8), and Julian (12) — deer beds in the tall grasses near the start. Next up they saw some beaver chewed trees. Ken then identified some plants for the kids as they made their way toward the cascades, which they thought were cool. There they spotted what was probably a broad winged hawk while they had some food. Wow, that’s a lucky sighting! This was followed by more plant ID on. the way back to the beaver pond. Back at the pond they really got the goods, Ken showing them a beaver lodge and dam. The kids were loving it, and so was their “Noni.” So what did Ken do next? Well, if you think he upped the ante, so to speak, you’d be right. Much to everyone’s delight, Ken pointed out some delicious wild blackberries for all to enjoy.

All in all it was a fine experience for this visiting family and we were delighted to make it special for them. What follows are a few photos Ken was able to take.

They are impressed with these cascades.

Getting some hiking in.

They crossed that bridge when they came to it.

Some examples of beavers at work at Beaver Brook. Photo by Mike Cherim.

Great job, Ken. Thank you. And to Deborah and family, thank you for choosing Redline Guiding.

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