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More Wild First Aid Grads

Well done graduates!

Another Wilderness First Aid class we organized for the SOLO School of Wilderness Medicine just graduated this weekend. A new crop of 28 people that are smarter, better, and more capable than they were before. From now on, whatever they decide to do in the backcountry, they will be better able to do it and do it right. Everyone wins. Our students, their family and friends, strangers on the trail, even the Fish and Game and SAR volunteers will benefit as more folks are able to safely self- or group-rescue. One more 2017 class opportunity exists. It’s important and useful education, so be sure to sign up now.

We arrived later in the day (we had spent the morning with the Boy Scouts) and saw this familiar scene. The class is practicing “scenarios” where they encounter patients in need, attempt to diagnose them, then respond accordingly.

Our group having a post-scenario debrief. This is such a high-quality class. The students always have terrific feedback.

Well done, class. Congratulations to one and all. And thank you!

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